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The Trivia Vault – Robin Williams Game


From the Trivia Vault: On Monday August 11, 2014, while hosting my first show at our newest venue Johnny’s Pizza in Jasper, the news broke about Robin Williams death. It was profoundly sad, and hit me hard. That night, WSB-TV’s Zach Klein did a sportscast where he paid tribute to him: It was such a brilliant idea, that I blatentlyRead the rest of this page »

July Trivia Sprint Winners


Congratulations to the A-Team/Obispo Experience for winning the July Trivia Sprint. Stay tuned for a new tournament…  

July Trivia Update TWO MINUTE WARNING!!

In Jasper last night Awesome Bill From Dawsonville had a goal. Score big. Score big enough to make a bonus show take away a bad Dawsonville score. Try to cut into a large A-Team/Obispo lead. And that’s exactly what they did. They threw a long bomb on both question 10 & 20. They survived a tough music round. They scoredRead the rest of this page »

July Trivia Sprint Update 7/29

One Jasper Bonus show, and one posting score to go. Ironically, if there had been no Jasper Bonus Shows, this game would be a lot closer.   July Trivia Sprint 7/3 7/7 7/10 7/14 7/17 7/21 7/24 7/28 7/31 Bonus Points Jasper1 Jasper 2 Total (Bolded Scores + Bonus) A-Team/Obispo 83 70 0 77 45 62 75 97 23 84Read the rest of this page »

July Trivia Sprint Update 7/28

Last night at the Bonus Show in Jasper, A-Team/Obispo improved their Jasper score by 1 point, and picked up a point for finishing 3rd. They currently sit at a 496. Awesome Bill from Dawsonville last night had a difficult decision to make on #20. Bid big and try to cut into the lead of A-Team/Obispo or hold on to theRead the rest of this page »

July Trivia Sprint Update 7/26

Final week of shows for the July Trivia Sprint kicks off Monday night with a Jasper Bonus Show at Johnny’s Pizza at 7:00pm. A-Team/Obispo still holding on to first and hoping to run out the clock. Awesome Bill, trying to find extra points anywhere they can. Hey Zeus Freaks could play every game this week and make a last minuteRead the rest of this page »

July Trivia Sprint Update 7/22

The July Trivia Sprint has turned into a 2 team race with 3 Dawsonville shows, and 3 Jasper shows to go! Awesome Bill from Dawsonville took home a first place finish last night, cashing in on 3 bonus points. A-Team/Obispo posted one of their lowest scores of the tournament. That means their July 7th score of 70 points is nowRead the rest of this page »

July Trivia Sprint Update 7/20

July Trivia Sprint Update Rules: Top 8 Old Town Pizza scores + Bonus Points (1st = 3, 2nd = 2, 3rd = 1, can be earned at any HHT show). You can replace 2 low Old Town Pizza scores with your two highest Jasper scores. With 4 Old Town Pizza shows left, and 4 bonus shows in Jasper left, let’sRead the rest of this page »

July Trivia Sprint Update 7/16

Important night in the July Trivia Sprint. Remember, your top 8 scores at Old Towne Pizza​ in July count towards a jackpot of $200. You can also replace 2 low scores by traveling to a Jasper venue. There are 5 shows remaining in Dawsonville, and 4 shows remaining in Jasper. This means if you’ve only posted 1 score, you canRead the rest of this page »