Are you a fan of trivia?
Do you go and play at your favorite bar or restaurant?
Do you yell out answers when playing Jeopardy?
Do you feel a bit smug when you win at Trivial Pursuit?

If so, I'm glad you are here.

After hosting 800 trivia shows over the past 5 years, and playing for years before that, I've decided it's time for a change.

It's time for a trivia community where:

People who enjoy learning can come and be enlightened.

Game theory and strategy is discussed and encouraged.

Tournaments are fully funded, stress free, and competitive.

A place where trivia is fun!

Within the next few weeks, I will be unveiling something that
I haven't seen done anywhere in the trivia world.

And I want you to be a part of it. Below you can sign up for updates, and be one of the founding members of this new community.

I encourage you to tell your friends, your teammates, and your competition.

Starting in September, everything changes.

See you soon.



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